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Researcher in dairy cattle shed with Healthy Climate Monitor app

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Make use of advanced stable technology and extensive support for your research projects.
Our 'Research dashboard' or research platform has been designed especially for researchers. Benchmarking, calculating correlations, no problem!
Discover the most integrated stable sensor system in the world.

Our measurement solutions offer a solution for the following obstacles:

  • Many different systems/devices are often required for research.
  • No live insight into data and data loggers that are read afterwards.
  • Manual input of research data is often processed manually

Measuring is knowing

By watching in real time in the stable you can see the natural reaction of animals to their environment. The better the stable is designed to meet the needs of your animals, the better their health and well-being will be.

Different options are possible.

  • Rent a Healthy Climate Monitor with guidance from our veterinarian (6 weeks or longer)
  • Buy a Healthy Climate Monitor, use it in different stables and learn the guidance yourself

Solutions that the Healthy Climate Monitor can offer

  • All measurements and photos are shown in 1 dashboard.
  • Integrated data portal for analysis of real-time measurements and manually entered data
  • Measurement systems and checklists tailor-made for research.
  • Linking machine learning models
Healthy Climate Monitor

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We offer:

  • Real-time insight into both measurements and images
  • Extensive range of sensors and cameras
  • Quick analysis with our app
  • Correlation model
  • Customized checklists for your research, integrated visualization in data dashboard
  • Robust hardware, resistant to intensive stable climate
  • Rent or purchase options


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Healthy Climate Monitor options

This table provides an overview of the options of the different versions of the Healthy Climate Monitor.

There are three versions of the Healthy Climate Monitor available. HCM V3.0 is the latest model with an improved housing and ease of use, equipped with an on-off button and a battery. The E-Missie Bol is the little brother of HCM V3.0. This version offers limited sensor options and has no camera.

= Default in this version
= Optional in this version

Healthy Climate Monitor options

 Healthy Climate Monitor v3.0

HCM v3.0

from 2023
Healthy Climate Monitor v2.0

HCM v2.0

E-Mission Monitor

E-Mission Ball

from 2023


Data portal / app



Easy clean


Animal safe power

Power over Ethernet

Mobile power supply (battery)


On/off button


Data connection





4G internal


4G extender



Carbon dioxide (CO2)




Relative humidity

Relative humidity

Air pressure

Air pressure

Ammonia (NH3)


Particle matter

Fine dust



HD camera

HD camera

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging camera

Sound spectrum


Additional sensors
(DOL16 / 51 / 119 / 139 / ++)

Extra sensors

Water meter


Air flow meter


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The Healthy Climate Monitor is available with various sensor and camera configurations. After purchasing your own Healthy Climate Monitor(s), you can create your researches at various locations, export data and print reports from the app.

We will produce your Healthy Climate Monitor in the corporate colors of your company.

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