E-Mission Monitor

The E-Mission Ball

We have designed the E-Mission Ball especially for livestock farmers. Robust, reliable and safely within your emissions ceiling.

Healthy Climate Monitor

Healthy Climate Monitor

The Healthy Climate Monitor gives you real-time insight into your stable: a photo every 5 minutes - even in the dark - and sensor measurements every minute.


Training Courses

Improve your knowledge about stable climate, health and monitoring of animal behavior during our training courses.

Gezondheidsscores en inspecties

Health scores

Easily create a checklist to enter the health scores of your animals or stable. This can also be used in our app without a Healthy Climate Monitor.



With our research dashboard you can compare the measurements of all your studies and find correlations.

Products for each user

Livestock farmer with Healthy Climate Monitor app

Climate measurements for livestock farmers of the future

Get the climate in your stable into top condition and optimize your business.

Measuring ammonia emissions at the source and reducing those emissions is a serious challenge. We take on this challenge with confidence. It is our mission to achieve a healthier climate for everyone.

We provide solutions to your challenges:

  • Better health
  • Changing regulations
  • Improve image towards your surroundings
Livestock farmer and veterinarian with Healthy Climate Monitor app

Improve your services as farm advisors

Develop effective climate strategies and help your customers perform better.

We have designed the Healthy Climate Monitor for feed advisors, veterinarians and other farm visitors. Healthy animals are a prerequisite for a healthy company. With real-time insight into the stable, extensive measurements, smart software and personal training, you can provide even better advice about animal behavior and stable climate.

Find smart solutions for complex problems:

  • Recurring health problems for which the livestock farmer needs new insights.
  • The future for livestock farmers is uncertain: give livestock farmers a future perspective and attract new livestock farmers with your approach.
  • Keep employees motivated: inspire your employees with innovative technology.
Researcher in dairy barn with Healthy Climate Monitor app

Powerful research tools for data-driven insights

Make use of advanced stable technology and comprehensive support for your research projects.

Our 'Research dashboard' or research platform has been designed especially for researchers. Benchmarking, calculating correlations, no problem!
Discover the most integrated stable sensor system in the world.

Our measurement solutions offer a solution for the following obstacles:

  • Many different systems/devices are often required for research.
  • No live insight into data and data loggers that are read afterwards.
  • Manual input of research data is often processed manually

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The Healthy Climate Monitor is available with various sensor and camera configurations. After purchasing your own Healthy Climate Monitor(s), you can create your researches at various locations, export data and print reports from the app.

We will produce your Healthy Climate Monitor in the corporate colors of your company.

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Healthy Climate Monitor in your corporate colors