The E-Mission Ball

Livestock farmer with Healthy Climate Monitor app

The E-Mission Ball helps you as a livestock farmer

Get the climate in your stable in top condition and optimize your company.

We have created the E-Mission Ball especially for livestock farmers. With this we help you meet the standards for good air quality, both in your stable and in your environment.

We offer solutions for your challenges:

  • Comply with regulations, map/reduce ammonia emissions
  • Improve animal and employee health
  • Easily share data with your environmental service

How do you proceed?

  1. Determine the number of E-Mission Balls you need. This depends on your stable(s) and the equality of your departments.
  2. Hang the E-Mission Ball(s) near the air outlet to measure the outgoing stable air.
  3. We show your annual emissions forecast in a clear and easy-to-use app.
  4. Every month you will receive a report including a forecast of your annual emissions.
  5. You can easily exchange data with your environmental service from the app.
  6. We ensure that the E-Mission Ball continues to work properly and meets the requirements of the environmental service.
  7. For service and maintenance, choose one of the packages below.
Location E-Mission Ball in the stable

Your E-Mission dashboard

In the ammonia emissions dashboard you can see exactly how the annual emissions forecast compares to your emissions ceiling, so that you can make timely adjustments. You are and remain the owner of the data. You can easily share the monthly totals with your environmental service.

Ammonia Emission Dashboard in the Healthy Climate Monitor app

E-Mission Ball functions

E-Mission Ball functions


Purchase E-Mission Ball

E-Mission Ball including:

  • Internal DOL53 Ammonia sensor
  • Internal CO2 sensor
  • Internal air pressure sensor
  • External temperature and humidity sensor
  • Animal-safe low-voltage power supply with 30m cable
  • Chain and carabiners for suspension
  • Data connection via WiFi or Ethernet cable

€2995,- €2650,- excl. VAT.

Basic service package

Investment: €25 per month (+€10 per extra bulb)

  • Data exchange and storage
  • Help desk service
  • Planning and managing maintenance

Full service package

Investment: €150 per month (€80 per extra bulb)

  • Data exchange and storage
  • Help desk service
  • Once a year Company visit or shipping costs
  • Calibrate or replace sensors once a year

Receive discount when purchasing multiple E-Mission Balls!

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Do you also want advice on how to reduce your emissions? Various advice modules can be ordered separately.