HCS system

Our mission: a healthy climate for all

We give you insight, you get control.
Our Healthy Climate Monitors measure indoor farm climate 24/7 using multiple sensors and cameras.

Camera images show natural or unhealthy animal behavior. Sensor measurements show possible explanations for this behavior.

The Healthy Climate Monitor provides users with:

1. Insight into farm climate and subsequent animal behavior
2. Indoor farm climate optimization advice
3. Cost savings and higher yields


Reducing ammonia emissions at farm level?

Our E-Mission monitor gives you:
Real time insight into ammonia and CO2 levels and your total emissions. 

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Healthy Climate Monitor put to use

For Whom

The Healthy Climate Monitor is a measuring device frequently used by veterinarians, feed technicians, stock farmers and researchers.

The combination of sensors and images enables users to diagnose problems, make environmentally friendly decisions and remedy other problems.

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Positive effects

The Healthy Climate Monitor helps gain insight, make cost-reducing decisions and make choices to create a healthier environment for livestock. It offers an overview of farm climate and advice on how to improve or optimize factors that influence it. And get inspired by our Customer Success stories.

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Ease of use

User friendly

The Healthy Climate Monitor is easy to install and use –you will have 24/7 access to your information on both your phone and computer. Want more information? Read more about the Healthy Climate Monitor, read the User Manual at the Customer Portal or get in touch with us.

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The Healthy Climate Monitor is available with various sensor and camera configurations. After purchasing your own Healthy Climate Monitor(s), you can create your researches at various locations, export data and print reports from the app.

We will produce your Healthy Climate Monitor in the corporate colors of your company.

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Healthy Climate Monitor in your corporate colors