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Healthy Climate Solutions has a core team of specialists and pioneers that work together to create a healthy climate for all; both humans and animals.

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Josine Gelauf

Josine Gelauf - Veterinarian

Josine Gelauf conceived and developed the Healthy Climate Monitor together with Pim van Gennip. "I have been working as a veterinarian for 14 years now and have visited many farms. I noticed that there are enormous differences between farms. The influence of light, air, heat and tranquility on the health of the animals is enormous." Josine is co-owner of Healthy Climate Solutions and trains and advises all users of Healthy Climate Monitors. We are working towards a great goal: a healthy climate for all.

Pim van Gennip

Pim van Gennip - Product developer

Pim van Gennip, founder of Iconize, realized Josine's wish from prototype to product, with additional options being the camera's, sound sensor and dust sensor.

Due to the combination of sensor values and images in a live accessible online portal, the end product is a real support of any advice in the field of indoor climate conditions.

The final report can be viewed on the app, printed in a PDF report or sent to the customer.

Stephan Peterse

Stephan Peterse - Operations

Stephan Peterse, founder of Faunabit, designed the technical details of the Healthy Climate Monitors together with Pim. Stephan is in charge of the operational branch of service and rental. He ensures that everything runs smoothly. Thanks to the collaboration with Faunabit, our high-tech stack is continuously improved.

Due to the high level of service, continuous advice can be given that quickly pays for itself by creating a healthier climate and higher productivity.

Maarten Donker

Maarten Donker - Support

Maarten has been assisting us in providing service to the Healthy Climate Monitors in the field since the beginning of 2021. He is also trained to assemble and check new Healthy Climate Monitors. With his knowledge and thorough approach, he improves the operational branch of Healthy Climate Solutions.

Julia Buysing Damsté

Julia Buysing Damsté - App

Julia has been working on the new app for the Healthy Climate Monitor since the beginning of 2021. This includes many of the features requested by our users. Julia has a lot of experience in developing front-end interfaces and knows how to come up with nice solutions for complex problems in a short time.


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