Healthy Climate Monitor

The Healthy Climate Monitor is a high tech instrument used by veterinarians, feed technicians and farmers.
The combination of sensors and photos help you diagnose problems better or to make your farm more sustainable. 

A grip on a healthy indoor climate - Available for everyone - Can be rented from 2 weeks


What is the Healthy Climate Monitor?

HCM measuring unit sizes

The Healthy Climate Monitor is the most easy-to-use comprehensive climate monitor that exists. It easily performs continuous climate measurements in farms. In addition, the system also takes pictures of the animals so that you can see exactly how they respond to the climate. Even if you are not there yourself.

By improving their lives, we also have impact on our health and our planet. 

Just plug and play, is that all?

Yes, you hang and position it and plug in the power cord. It's that simple. No annoying installations or network connections. The robust measuring system is specially made for farm environments and transmits the data via an internal GSM connection.

Hang it with a chain and carabiner over a feed line, beam, or click it to an existing hook or eye in the stable. And with the 15 meter cable, there is always a power outlet nearby. It couldn't be easier!

24/7 access to your data

You get direct access to your data via the web portal and you can also use it as an app on your phone. This gives you insight into the data and photos day and night. You can rent the Healthy Climate Monitor for any desired period. View the costs here. After the rental period, the data remains visible for 2 months and you can, for example, export it to Excel or delete it. All data remains yours and you decide what happens to it.


We will help you starting up, using the app, analysing your pictures and sensor-data. Tell us what you want achieve: Our veterinarian will contact you in the first few days/weeks to advise you on creating an optimal environment for your animals.

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Healthy indoor climate for humans and animals

The healthy climate monitor is a measuring instrument for livestock farmers, veterinarians, climate specialists, feed advisers, researchers: basically everyone who is curious. Multiple sensors in combination with static or moving images provide direct insight into climate and behavior.

Immediately see the effect of adjustments

If you make adjustments to your farm, or climate installation, you can immediately see what the effects are. And you can see through the images of the behavior of your animals how they react to the adjustments. There is no faster and better feedback!

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