A healthy climate for all!

At Healthy Climate Solutions we are committed to a healthy climate in stables and a sustainable future for everyone, both humans and animals.

There is increasing pressure from society to give animals a better life, improve overall health, and increasingly strict emission legislation. We provide insight to people in the stable, so that they have better control over their systems.

Our advanced measuring systems offer solutions for the biggest challenges in livestock farming. The combination of multiple sensors and images in one easy-to-install measuring system has led to successful diagnoses and prevention in the field of animal health. Our measuring systems can be used for all animal species.

We are there to support you as a livestock farmer, farm entrant and researcher. Discover how our technology can improve your efforts.

Livestock farmer with Healthy Climate Monitor app

Livestock farmers

With the E-Mission Monitor you can measure your emissions in real-time and easily share data with environmental authorities. We are happy to help you draw up measurement plans for emission monitoring.

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Farm advisers

We supply high-quality measuring equipment for climate and animal welfare in closed environments. Get complete insight into animal behavior, air quality and even ammonia emissions. View photos and data real time in our user friendly app.

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Researcher in dairy barn with Healthy Climate Monitor app


Our research platform is excellent for dashboarding data from multiple sensors, drawing up complex checklists, linking sensors as well as cameras for your specific research. We can also provide machine learning models and benchmarking.

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E-Mission Monitor

The E-Mission Ball

We have designed the E-Mission Ball especially for livestock farmers. Robust, reliable and safely within your emissions ceiling.

Healthy Climate Monitor

Healthy Climate Monitor

The Healthy Climate Monitor gives you real-time insight into your stable: a photo every 5 minutes - even in the dark - and sensor measurements every minute.

"Tail biting is over thanks to insights and advices by Healthy Climate Solutions. We achieved good results within 4 weeks."


All our advisors can keep an eye on the animals. I would like to use more monitors."


"We're very satisfied with the results and new insights! This device measures every minute, we could follow live images and measurements from our farm and see the effect of adjustments in the climate control system."

Chris Schouten
Jan van Mourik
Tolakker pig farm manager, Utrecht
Dirk Olieman
Sow herd owner

Watch our video and within 2 minutes you will know everything about the Healthy Climate Monitor.

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The Healthy Climate Monitor is available with various sensor and camera configurations. After purchasing your own Healthy Climate Monitor(s), you can create your researches at various locations, export data and print reports from the app.

We will produce your Healthy Climate Monitor in the corporate colors of your company.

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