Create location

The function location is intended to indicate where the HCM is placed. A location represents a barn or an office. A location is required to create a survey. This links data from the HCM to a specific location.

To create a location follow the steps below.

  • Go to locations;
  • Click on create a new location;
  • Give the location a name and select the type of location;
  • Optional: fill in the address information. When the latitude and longitude are entered, the climate data from the outside is also stored.
  • Click on create new location.


With a section, the location can be made more specific. The location can thus be divided into separate sections that can be inspected separately. A separate HCM could also be hung in such a department.

Create Department:

  • Click create new department;
  • Fill in the department details;
  • Save and return.