Exporting data from the app and importing it into Numbers (on Mac)


To export measurement data to an Excel file follow these steps:

  1. Go to Export Data;
  2. Select the desired study to export data from
  3. Customize the start/end date based on what days and dates resolution you want (see explanation at top of screen);
  4. Select (with the Command key held down) one or more Sensor measurements to export;
  5. Click on export data.

The data is exported with a dot (.) as decimal separator.

If your Numbers is set up with comma (,) as the default separator, follow the following screens to set up the dates properly:

Screenshot%202021 04 20%20at%2009.09.58

Screenshot%202021 04 20%20at%2009.12.02

Screenshot%202021 04 20%20at%2009.12.09