Ammonia sensor replacement

The Healthy Climate Monitor contains an electro-chemical ammonia (NH3) sensor that can become saturated if used for more than 48 hours at a concentration higher than 25ppm. We will replace this sensor with every service in your subscription, if it has become saturated.

You can tell if the sensor has become saturated if the graph of NH3 readings within a day from a value above 25ppm suddenly drops below 5ppm. If you see this happening, you can stop the saturation by immediately hanging your Healthy Climate Monitor in the open air for 24 hours with the power connected. If the value of the ammonia measurement never exceeds 5 ppm, it must be replaced.

Replacing the ammonia sensor

If you've purchased your Healthy Climate Monitor after March 17, 2021, you can easily replace the ammonia sensor yourself using the tool below.

HCS NH3 sensor pull tool

Disconnect the power, to shut the HCM down. There is a special screw cap in the bottom of the HCM housing: unscrew this cap (use a coin). This will allow you to pull the sensor out and install a new ammonia sensor. Watch the video below on how to do that.


If you purchased your Healthy Climate Monitor before March 17, 2021, you must have the ammonia sensor replaced by Healthy Climate Solutions during a service.