Cleaning manual

  1.                Cleaning means:
  • gloves;
  • lint-free cloths, e.g. yellow viscose cleaning cloth and dry tea towel;
  • hot water;
  • all-purpose cleaner or St Marc in the water.


2.               Unscrew the cable connections:

  • the power cable on top of the HCM;
  • the temperature and humidity sensor at the bottom;
  • close these plugs with the caps;
  • (if the cables were already off: clean under the plugs as well).



3.               Disconnect the carabiner and chain


4.               Open the red protection box of the adapter and take the adapter out.


5.               Cleaning. Clean all parts one by one:

  • squeeze the cleaning cloth well before cleaning the sensors (no water in the sensors!);
  • first wipe off all dust;
  • then polish off the fly poop of the HCM with a warm, well wrung out cloth ... also in the grooves, air intakes, cracks;
  • rub the infrared lights and the camera lenses dry with the tea towel;
  • the chain, carabiners and red protection box of the adapter may be immersed in your bucket, not the rest!


6.               Leave everything to dry for 5 days in a dry place (leave the case open).

  • Only when used sequentially with the same species, 5 days of downtime is required.

Note: In case of extreme soiling we can clean the HCM for you.

  • Mail, app or call us for an appointment